Elevate Your Obsidian Experience with Smart Connections

This blog post was written with the help of Smart Connections and Smart Connect (currently in beta testing with project supporters).

What’s New in v2.1?

Smart Connections v2.1 is packed with features designed for everyone—from the casual user to the power user:

  • 100+ AI Models: Now you have a veritable smorgasbord of AI models to choose from. Pick the perfect brain to match your workflow’s needs. Supports local models, Anthropic Claude, Google Gemini, Cohere Command-R, OpenAI GPT-4 & Open Router with over 100 models, including Meta’s Llama 3.
  • Local Chat Model Configuration: Keep your chats local and your data private. Use the local model configurations to use models running in Ollama and LM Studio with Smart Chat.
  • Redesigned Smart Chat: Smart Chat has been rewritten from the ground up, setting the stage for future features like in-chat actions that promise to revolutionize your interactions.
I'm excited about this release because it wraps up the process of re-writing some core features that will enable me to experiment with and add new features to Smart Connections.

Feature Breakdown

  • Smart Chat Enhancements: Essential settings like model selection in the Smart Chat window! This update lays the important groundwork necessary for adding these settings. Need more control? Create a feature request to let me know which settings you’d like to see.
  • Chat History Feature: Never lose a good idea again. Every conversation is saved right back into your Obsidian vault, making it easy to revisit past insights. This also makes it easy to search conversations using Obsidian search, display conversations in the Smart View, and for Smart Chat to use past conversations as context!
  • System Prompts Feature: Another new addition is the ability to create and use system prompts that can be easily integrated into your chat conversations. Simply type @ to list notes from your smart prompts folder. Smart system prompts describe your preferences, like the custom instructions in ChatGPT, to reduce the input required for future queries. For example, I have a system prompt specifying my coding preferences, which I use when making a code-related query.
  • JS Brains: Code can be messy. And depending on other people’s code, which often further depends on other people’s code, can get really messy really fast. JS Brains is a collection of open-source JavaScript modules I developed for Smart Connections to reduce dependencies on external code bases. I noted why reducing dependencies is important for maintaining trust, privacy and security here.
Local model settings configured for Ollama

Still wondering how to utilize Smart Connections? Here’s a brief story based on feedback from our community members.

A Day with Smart Connections: Revolutionize Your Creative Process

Introduction Meet Sarah, a content creator juggling multiple projects while constantly seeking to optimize her research and creative output. Discover how Smart Connections revolutionizes her day, making her workflow seamless and her ideas interconnected.

Morning: Jumpstarting Creativity Sarah begins her day with her Obsidian workspace. As she opens her project notes, Smart View suggests insightful articles and forgotten notes, acting as a personalized research assistant.

Mid-Morning: Uncovering Hidden Connections Smart View enables Sarah to navigate through suggested notes effortlessly, uncovering previously unnoticed connections. The links between her notes on narrative structures and character development spark fresh insights for her current novel.

Afternoon: AI-Powered Brainstorming Stuck with a plot development, Sarah turns to Smart Chat. The AI, powered by her notes and Claude’s ingenuity, offers plot twists and character depths based on her previous work, turning the chat into an intimate brainstorming session.

Evening: Reflection and Anticipation Reflecting on her productivity boost, Sarah appreciates how Smart Connections seamlessly integrates into her workflow, allowing more time for creation. She jots down ideas for tomorrow, eagerly anticipating Smart View’s upcoming suggestions.

Community and Collaboration Sarah actively engages in the vibrant Smart Connections community forum, sharing experiences and learning from diverse users who provide support, tips, and inspiration.

Conclusion Experience a transformation in managing and creating with your notes, just like Sarah. Smart Connections enhances every step of your creative process, turning Obsidian into a powerhouse of efficiency and creativity. Join Sarah and countless others—download Smart Connections today and revolutionize your productivity.

Getting Started with Smart Connections

Jump aboard the v2.1 train with these simple steps:

  1. Open Obsidian.
  2. Navigate to ‘Community Plugins’ in Settings.
  3. Find Smart Connections and update to the latest version.

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