Creating a Custom GPT with Smart Connect

Creating Custom GPTs with Smart Connect

This guide will help you create a custom GPT assistant that interacts with your Obsidian vault using the Smart Connect plugin.


  1. Obsidian & Smart Connect: Ensure you have Obsidian and the Smart Connect plugin installed and set up.
  2. ChatGPT Account: Creating custom GPTs requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Creating Your GPT Assistant:

  1. Access GPTs: On ChatGPT, navigate to the “GPTs” section.
  2. Create New GPT: Click “Create” and give your GPT a name and description (e.g., “Obsidian Assistant”).
  3. Optional Conversation Starters: Add example prompts to guide your GPT’s understanding of your needs.

Connecting to Smart Connect:

  1. Create Actions: Click the “Create new action” button.
  2. Open API URL: In Smart Connect settings, locate and copy the “Open API” URL.
  3. Import Actions: In the ChatGPT Custom GPT editor, click “Add Actions” and paste the URL into “Enter Schema”. Click “Import”.
  4. Explore Actions: Review the list of available Smart Connect actions your GPT can perform (create notes, search, append content, etc.).
  5. Authentication: In the ChatGPT editor, go to “Authentication” and choose “API Key” and “Bearer”.

  6. Get API Key: Find your unique API key in Smart Connect settings (keep it secure!).
  7. Connect: Paste the API key into the designated field within the ChatGPT editor.
  8. Save & Test: Save your Custom GPT configuration and test its functionality. If issues arise, double-check your API key and connection.

Start Exploring!

With your custom GPT connected to Obsidian, you can now:

  • Create and manage notes using natural language commands.
  • Search your vault effortlessly.
  • Insert and append content to existing notes.
  • And much more!

Remember, the possibilities are endless. Get creative and discover a new way to interact with your knowledge base!